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At NewGen we believe in the old adage of project management – “on time, in budget, within specification” One of our key competencies is the provision of program and project management services, either as an outsourced service provider, or the delivery of full turnkey solutions to our customers.
As an outsourced service provider we can supply your organization with qualified and experienced resources to deliver projects as per the stated goals and objectives of the project. By utilizing our turnkey services, your organization can benefit from the fact that we supply a full project office service that is completely focused on delivering the programs and projects of your organization, with minimal impact on the daily operations of the organization.
Through our extensive experience in the program and project management space, we are ideally positioned to deliver successful projects to your organization. We ensure that we develop our “corporate memory” so that all our staff members benefit from the experience we gain on every project. By doing this we are continuously improving our delivery capability. Our experience includes, but is not limited to the provision of project management services for the following types of projects:

Sales and marketing
  1. Product design
  2. Product launches
  3. Sales channel design and development
  4. Brand establishment and brand building projects
  1. Application development and implementation
  2. ICT hardware installation
  1. Enterprise asset management projects
  2. Telecommunication network infrastructure
  3. Civil Projects / Construction

Depending on the customer requirements and the nature of the project, our project management services encompasses the following:

  1. Scope management
  2. Schedule management
  3. Quality management
  4. Risk management
  5. Logistic management
  6. Technical management
  7. Engineering management
  8. Procurement management
  9. Customer Relationship management

We follow the Project Management Institute methodology as our baseline project approach. Although we are rigid in our approach to ensuring that the “on time, in budget, within specification” principles are adhered to, we are flexible in our approach, thereby ensuring that the strategic business objectives and project objectives are met.

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