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Cable Floating and Splicing Services
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Intelliview Precision Cable Floating and Splicing – Uninterrupted Enterprise Connectivity

Intelliview specializes in precision cable floating and splicing services for enterprises, ensuring high-capacity and reliable fibre optic network infrastructure.

Cable Floating and Splicing Services

Intelliview’s cable floating and splicing services cater to the critical demands of enterprise-level infrastructure. Our approach is meticulous, with a focus on delivering a fibre optic network that stands up to the high capacity and reliability standards that modern enterprises require. With our expertise, we ensure minimal signal loss and optimal performance, keeping your enterprise communications seamless and uninterrupted.


  • Expert Cable Floating: Our cable floating services are executed with precision, ensuring that your fibre optic cables are installed with care to prevent damage and signal degradation.
  • Precision Fibre Splicing: We utilize state-of-the-art splicing techniques to maintain the integrity of your network, guaranteeing minimal signal loss and maximum throughput.
  • High-Capacity Network Support: Our services are designed to support the dense data traffic typical of enterprise operations, providing the bandwidth necessary for your communication needs.
  • Reliability and Continuity: With Intelliview’s cable services, you can trust in an infrastructure that maintains consistent performance and uptime for your critical enterprise applications.
  • Customized Solutions: We tailor our cable floating and splicing services to meet the unique requirements of your enterprise, ensuring a perfect fit for your network infrastructure.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Our commitment to your enterprise doesn’t end with installation; we provide comprehensive support and maintenance to keep your network at peak performance.

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Intelliview Services - Cable Floating and Splicing

Ensure your enterprise's communication infrastructure is built on a foundation of precision and reliability.

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