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NewGen MC has a unique blend of Telco Roaming skills, allowing the company to operate within 2 specialized areas, namely Roaming agreement initialization and roll out and Roaming Managed Services.
Roaming agreement initialization and roll out

International roaming revenues have shown significant growth over the last 5 years within telco companies. Apart from being a source of revenue for companies it is also a vital service offering to lure high value customers to operator’s networks. Although clearing houses such as MACH exist to assist with the clearing function between operators, the onus still resides with operators to ensure that their networks are compliant to allow operators to roam as well as to ensure that their billing systems can accommodate roaming records received.
NewGen has over the years gained a vast amount of experience with assistance offered to operators to ensure that their roaming divisions operate efficiently, but also to ensure that the number of foreign roaming partners on offer to clientele is at an optimum level.
NewGen thus offers services to assist with:

  • Roaming contract negotiation between operators
  • Development of Networks and Billing systems to ensure compliance to handle roaming records
  • Testing of Network and Billing system compliance to receive (TAP in) and send (TAP out) roaming records.
  • Development of Roaming Policies, Processes and Procedures to ensure the
  • Seamless integration of roaming services into the service offering of operators.

Roaming Managed Services
Although clearing houses such as MACH do exist to assist with the day to day management of roaming for operators, a certain amount of responsibility remains with operators to ensure the smooth day to day operations of roaming within an organization. NewGen has the skills and resources to assist with the daily management of roaming within an organization:

  • Ongoing contract negotiations with new roaming partners
  • Ongoing testing of compliance with operator’s network and billing systems
  • Assistance and or management of billing of roaming
  • Debtors and Creditors management of payments from and to international operators.
  • Consultative approach to assist management in decision making with regards Roaming (i.e. Profit-making service, or value add)
  • NRTDE (Neal Real Time Data Exchange) – ensuring compliance of organizations with NRTDE as well as setup and management of systems required.
  • Fraud management of Roaming
  • Revenue assurance management of Roaming

National Roaming

Given the considerable costs and lead times to build new telecoms infrastructure it is appropriate to facilitate early operational entry by concluding a Roaming Agreement with an existing telco. This mandated the entry of Cell C into the South African market in 2001. Unlike Interconnection Agreements which are regulated, and public, Roaming deals are negotiated on a secretive commercial basis, and hence differ considerably both in technical and commercial terms. NewGen Consultants have experience concluding all the National Roaming Agreements in existence in the South African telco industry, and can assist with new agreements as well as the implementation and operation of such contracts.

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